First Impressions: Making Them Count

Hi! I’m Ella. Mascot extraordinaire for Mountain Dog Sign Company and author of the one and only Mountain Dog Blog. Today I want to talk about first impressions. I always make a great first impression because I’m pretty. And fluffy. And I don’t drool. People notice those things right away. But what do people notice right away when they walk into your business? Do you have your company name and logo prominently and professionally displayed? Does your space inspire confidence? Do you give the impression that you are successful and will be around for years to come? Visitors to your office draw immediate and lasting feelings when they walk through your door; and statistics show that how they feel in that space will hugely impact whether they choose to do business with you or not. An investment in good lobby signage, including your company name and logo front and center as well as thoughtful, professional looking photographs or canvas on the walls will go a long way towards growing your business. And company growth means more money. And more money means more dog treats. So take a hard look at your lobby and if you aren’t 100% sure it sends the right message, give Mountain Dog Sign Company a call. We’ve built a successful business from the ground up and we can help. Woof.

Here are some examples of lobby signage produced by Mountain Dog Sign Company: