Every year we start off with new dreams and hopes for the months ahead. If you are in the business world, these hopes usually include growth. While many factors go into achieving your desired annual growth rate, signage can play a substantial part. In the next few posts, our team of experts at Mountain Dog Sign Company will help you address some of the major areas where you can self-assess to see if your current signage is holding you back and needs a refresh, or if it is doing its job to help you achieve your business dreams for the new year.

There are many types of signs used by businesses and a variety of reasons why you would use one type of sign or another. Many studies have been done to demonstrate your ROI (return on investment) for each sign type, generally based on initial investment/cost correlated to the number of views, leads obtained, or sales dollars generated. We will summarize the major points in this blog and then go through them in more detail in the future.

Exterior Main Entrance Signage -Signage that puts your business on the geographic map, gives you visibility to passers-by, and literally guides clients to your door. Big and bold, these signs usually contain only basic info.

Door Graphics -Usually found on your store-front or main entrance door, these graphics share info on when and how to connect with you if your business isn’t open when a client or potential client stops by. Typical info included would be company name and logo (never miss an opportunity to brand up!), hours of operation, phone number, web address, and sometimes, where you can be found on social media.

Logo & Branding -The most powerful and often the most overlooked signage you can have, your logo should be front and center for all to see when they walk in the door. First impressions are powerful, and you want to look professional, and inspire confidence. Proudly displaying your brand is an intentional move that shows you have the confidence that you can meet your clients’ needs. Brand walls should look expensive, (we can show you ways to get a great looking wall even if you are on a tight budget) so your clients know you are successful and will be around to help them for years to come (and that you won’t take their money and leave in the middle of the night!)

Handouts & Marketing Material -Another often overlooked product in the signage world. You should have some take-away that highlights your products/services that potential clients can take to better understand how you can serve them, and for existing clients to learn about other things you offer (and if you’ve served them well, pass along to other friends and businesses as they rave about your company). Catalogs, flyers, or even a simple rack-card will do the trick.

Vehicle Graphics -For your advertising dollars, vehicle graphics are the least expensive way to get your name out there. Driving down the freeway, parked at the mall or grocery store, or in front of a job site, vehicle graphics are always working, even when you are on your days off. Creative, catchy backgrounds with bold, easy to read and understand graphics will reach thousands over the course of their lifetime. And you only have to pay one time!

Take a minute and do a quick walk through your business to see how you feel about your current signage. It should speak to you, and make you confident that you are sending out a great message. If what you see is dull, confusing, or lacks pizazz, your signage could well be a dream-killer this year.