As the Inland Northwest gears up to re-open, keeping workers safe remains a top priority.
We have created protective products to help lessen the spread of germs.


Shields are sneeze and cough guards that can sit on the tops of desks and counters or stand on the floor without causing damage. They are sturdy, portable, can be sanitized, and can be designed with a bottom pass through slot. Shields are available in many sizes; framed with white, can be customized with company branding graphics, or frameless (clear). They assemble quickly, travel well, and following COVID-19,  can be easily stored until flu season arrives. These will go a long way towards making workers and customers feel safe and preventing the spread of contagious illness.


Face Shields provide a protective layer spanning from ear to ear and brow to chin, effectively covering the highest risk locations for germ input and output. The shield can be sanitized and the headband is adjustable for a comfortable fit.  Can be ordered to accommodate Dental Loop use. Printed graphics are available!


Keep your environment and community safe with social distancing reminders. Available in a variety of formats such as printed posters, boards, and sticker decals. Designed for easy self-installation, this signage provides your customers and employees health and safety reminders in just the right places.

As always, you may customize for your brand, or go with our clean design.

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