• Mountain Dog Sign Company Hits Three Year Mark!

    Mountain Dog Sign Company Hits Three Year Mark

    Liberty Lake start-up Mountain Dog Sign Company celebrates 3 years in business this month. Located at Meadowwood Technology Campus in Liberty Lake, the company has expanded to about 3600 sq ft and 6 full time employees since opening in October, 2011.

    The company has created high quality interior and exterior signage, trade show displays, and vehicle graphics for hundreds of companies in the Inland NW, around the state, and across the nation. Finding a niche with interiors, Mountain Dog has turned many companies mission statements into custom canvas art pieces, filled commercial interiors like Kootenai Medical Center with hundreds of local area landscape photos, and produced unique Braille signage to comply with ADA standards for many buildings like WSU Riverpoint Campus.

    Mountain Dog also works with local architects and interior design firms on developing specs for new signage and interiors for buildings, and has recently spent time at 3M headquarters in Minnesota to become the only Di-Noc certified installer for architectural vinyl in the Inland Northwest.

    Here at Mountain Dog Sign Company, we want you to succeed. Whether it is one sign or an entire campaign, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your marketing strategies and how we can help. We offer free consultations and estimates, create custom designs, and make it right for you, every time. We thank our loyal customers for their support for the last three years, and we look forward having even more great relationships for many years to come.

  • Hi, I’m Ella!

    Hi. My name is Ella. I am a Bernese Mountain Dog, and the owner of Mountain Dog Sign Company. OK, I’m not really the owner…I’m the mascot, but the business is named after me.

    I think I should be getting more treats for all the work I do around here. My job is pretty tough. I greet the clients as they come in the door, and then I bark or whine until I get a treat. I have my mom trained.

    She doesn’t like me to be annoying in front of the clients, so if I bark a couple of times when someone is here, mom gives me a dog bone. I also get a treat when the staff meets for production meetings. Everyone stands around discussing products and timelines and if I whine or bark, mom gives me a treat. Recurring theme here?

    I can also get food about the time mom eats lunch. She’ll eat at her desk and if I stick my nose up by her elbow, I can nudge her and get a cracker, part of a sandwich, or wait for it…a dog treat. We have two treat bowls in the office. One at the front desk, and one by mom’s desk. We buy dog bones at Costco, so we almost never run out. That makes me happy. You’d think I would weigh A LOT with all the treats I get, but I’m just under 100 lbs. I had wanted to tell you about my company but SQUIRREL! … got distracted when we started talking about treats, maybe next blog. All this talk about food has made me hungry. I think I’ll find mom and give a bark or two. She knows the drill.